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Fiber Optic Inspection Tools

Today’s super high speed fiber optic highway requires that constant maintenance is done to make sure the connection points are impeccably cleaned. Fiber Solutions offers many superb cleaning products to help maintain the cleanliness of your fiber optic connection points.

In an effort to properly maintain fiber optic connections you must inspect the total connection from both the patch cord to the patch panel bulkhead. Only a fiber optic inspection probe will allow the inspection of the patch cord as well as the patch panel bulkhead.

We will review the EXFO FIP-400 and how that tool can be utilized to facilitate a complete inspection and also store the file for further review and inspect it with Connector Max Analysis software.

Most optical network problems are often caused by dirty and/or damaged connectors. Using a fiber inspection probe to ensure that connectors/adapters are clean and exempt of any defect is where accurate testing starts.

The EXFO FIP-400 Fiber Inspection Probe, makes checking connectors and other fiber terminations for polish quality and cleanliness very easy. The extreme optical resolution of the FIP-400 allows you to see scratches and dirt particles as small as 1 μm. Also, the available USB converter allows you to send image captures to a portable platform or a PC.

Relating to Patch cord inspection the FIP-400 has a significant number of inspection tips, including single fiber and multi-fiber inspection tips. This can be used either as a stand-alone tool, or with a USB interface to store an image to an EXFO portable platform such as a FTB-200, FTB-500, FTB-1, etc or PC.

The Patch Panel bulkhead inspection allows you to see the back end connector of a bulkhead without disturbing or breaking any of the surrounding connectors, or fibers. This is invaluable as the patch panel real estate is becoming increasingly crowded with the deployment of FTTx. Patch panels that used to hold 48 fibers now can deploy as many as 288 fibers in the same rack mount space.

ConnectorMax software enables an inexperienced field technician to analyze defects and scratches and measure their impact on connector performance. Results are then compared against pre-programmed IEC/IPC standards or user-defined criteria, leading to accurate pass/fail verdicts established right on-site. This enables a technician to be proficient in fiber Optic inspection with less training thus saving money.

This demonstration video outlines how easy the EXFO FIP-400 is to use, which will allow you to get to the bottom of costly fiber optic maintenance issues in less time.With millions of $ on a fiber per minute it is imperative to develop an inspection plan to keep your network performing at the peak.

Fiber Solutions Inc. (FSI) is a WMBE Certified woman-owned stocking distributor of fiber optic products including cable, connectors, patch cables, termination supplies, splice closures, cleaning supplies, patch panels, hybrid adapters, stripping tools, crimp tools, polishing materials, and cleavers. Also available for immediate delivery is a complete offering of test equipment, microscopes, inspection products, etc. Fiber Solutions can offer complete fiber optic training courses in a standard or customized format to meet your requirements. FSI works hard to be your One-Stop shop for all your fiber optic requirements.

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